Estonian Post wins Digital Postal Innovation Award

September 20, 2012  |  Adoption, Digitalisation

Estonian Post’s Electronic Mail Centre is an electronic solution for the transmission and reception of letter mail. And guess what? It won the first prize in the digital innovation category of the Postal Technology International Awards. This year’s jury consisted of representatives of influential organisations such as USPS, TNT, DHL, Royal Mail, Swiss Post, La Poste, France, South Africa Postal Service, Canada Post Singapore Post, Australia Post and Saudi Post.

Some details about Electronic Mail Centre

Electronic Mail Centre is a link between a computer and a mailbox. This is a natural development, as customers expect e-solutions that will simplify their lives when sending messages, and can also help to cut costs.

Private customers can log in to the Electronic Mail Centre with their ID card or Mobile-ID and conveniently send the messages. The mail will be delivered by a postman in the mailbox the next day. Younger generations are more eager to use e-solutions immediately rather than visiting the post office.

Electronic Mail Centre Currently has over 200 users, both public sector agencies and business enterprises.

Some comments

As the winner is always right, we received some strong comments form the Head of Estonian Post Info Logistics Division, Toomas Türk:

  • The digital innovation award that was given to Estonian Post shows that our e-tiger is still in a good shape and is recognised.
  • The contribution to this field is shifting more and more from public sector to the business area, where prerequisite for being successful is to be able to keep up with the needs and desires of people, even to be a little ahead.
  • In a few years, we can achieve the full e-post office solution, but until now hybrid mail is the most effective way, which combines digital and traditional postal channels.
  • This solution helps customers to reduce costs and save time. Not only the sender benefits from the solution, but also the recipients, because the Electronic Mail Centre offers a unique opportunity to receive registered letters via electronic channels rather that in the post office. The senders of registered letters are therefore able to reach persons who do not reside in Estonia or have not provided the correct contact address.

And according to Service manager of ETK Finants Mari Sauga, the company wants to keep up with innovative solutions from the beginning:

  • Joining Electronic Mail Centre enables cutting costs on many activities. For example, employees who are involved with printing and enveloping can be assigned to other activities that are more related to customer service. We see a number of activities that the solution does for us - address control and document management and archiving for instance.

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