Estonia Post’s online invoicing service boasts 300 percent growth

April 1, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

The first quarter of 2011 has been very successful to Estonian Post eInvoicing Centre – compared to the same period last year the turnover has increased by nearly 300%. Public sector entities play important part in the growth, e-verification round is in use in hundreds of companies and the number is growing from week to week.

“eInvoicing Centre has reached a stable growth phase in its development – our internet based services offer reliable and always-available environment for billing management for both large and small businesses,” said Margus Tammeraja, eInvoicing Center Manager. “In the future we plan to improve the existing services as well as add new options in order to meet growing customer needs.”

If last year the most important innovation was digitalisation service of purchase invoices, then this year the focus is turned to adding functionalities considering the specific features of public sector agencies. Also services offered to private sector will be updated and improved. For example, compiling internet based sales invoices, together with electronic archiving possibility that meets the requirements of the Tax and Customs Board. Via eInvoicing Centre it is possible to transmit e-invoices to public sector agencies as well as to all companies who have joined eInvoicing Centre platform.

The advantage of e-invoices compared to invoices sent by e-mail in PDF format is speed and guaranteed receipt, security and data changelessness in the course of transmission and processing. Another advantage is also more rapid corporate reporting and through-visible invoice handling process.

Estonian Post eInvoicing Center is an only domestic e-invoicing operator, who offers reliable and proven infrastructure allowing to switch to massive e-invoicing all over Estonia far before 2020, as stipulated in European Union development plans, when e-invoicing should become the predominant billing method in Europe.

Source: Estonian Post

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