TrustWeaver-Archiving: strong demand for global legal archiving solutions

March 8, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

TrustWeaver-Archiving launched to meet strong demand for global legal archiving solutions

TrustWeaver announced public availability of its new archiving solution for einvoices and other legally critical documents. The new solution uses the same combination of intensive legal research and cutting-edge technology that make TrustWeaver’s other core services so popular with companies seeking costeffective but serious regulatory compliance for their e-business processes. TrustWeaver-ArchivingTM allows customers to deposit documents and data with guarantees that country-specific requirements for security, storage period and auditability will be upheld.

The new TrustWeaver solution is closely integrated with TrustWeaver’s permanent monitoring of global e-business legislation so that any changes are automatically taken into account in the solution and its documentation. This way, customers can always be certain that they are always compliant in the 40 supported countries to date.

TrustWeaver-ArchivingTM is tightly integrated with TrustWeaver’s e-invoice audit portal TrustWeaver-AuditTM, which allows different types of e-invoices to be converted into both human-readable format and into technical audit formats defined by for example the Hungarian tax administration. The audit portal also allows electronic signatures to be comprehensively revalidated, allowing tax auditors to verify ongoing integrity and authenticity of signed e-invoices with a single click. E-invoices can also be stored with other business documentation such as purchase orders, times-sheets, transport documents or evidence of delivery attached.

“The uniqueness of this solution is that it incorporates many legal aspects as features that are fully transparent to the end user” said Christiaan van der Valk, TrustWeaver’s CEO. “Many archiving solutions require the end user to remain on its toes because things like storage periods change quite frequently and can be complex to calculate. TrustWeaver-ArchivingTM does these things in the background based on solid legal research.”

TrustWeaver partners and customers can store and retrieve documents in TrustWeaver-ArchivingTM through an easy to use web-service interface. Extensive search, display, download and audit options are also available through a web page. Flexible user access management allows for managing multiple user organizations.

Like all TrustWeaver-On Demand solutions, TrustWeaver-ArchivingTM is included in the scope of the statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 Type II (SAS 70 Type II) report issued annually by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The base solution is hosted out of two separate, highly secure data centers in Sweden, however future country support may involve replication to additional countries requiring local archiving.

Source: TrustWeaver

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