Exchange of e-invoices between companies is growing rapidly in Estonia

October 25, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing, Publications

The number of companies who have perceived the positive effect of transmitting and receiving invoices electronically is growing with 800 enterprises having signed up with Estonian Post’s E-Invoicing Centre.

“The key words are convenience of the solution and simplicity of the joining procedure. It takes 5 minutes over the web for a company to start sending and receiving invoices electronically. E-Invoicing Centre Ltd has become Estonian´s largest service provider in B2B customer segment,” said Head on Infologistics division Toomas Turk.

Manager of E-Invoicing Centre Ltd Margus Tammeraja said that the underlying reason for rapid growth has been the wide range of service packages and competitive pricing. With the right package, the solution is beneficial both for sole traders and big enterprises:

“The E-Invoicing Centre solution is used, among others, by Estonian Post, public schools, Kuresaare, Saue and Jogeva municipalities. State authorities are seriously considering sending and receiving e-invoices in order to increase efficiency.”

An E-invoice is not a PDF invoice sent by e-mail but an XML-bill which conforms to standards set by the Estonian Banking Association which can be handled electronically by the recipient - for example direct to approval process and to import into an accounting programme.

E-Invoicing Centre Ltd is a subsidiary of Estonian Post. The shareholders are AS Webmedia and E-Bookkeeping OU.

Source: EESTI Post

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