The E-invoicing Platform Media Pack: connecting people, ideas and solutions

September 19, 2012  |  Featured Articles, Publications

Here it is: the E-invoicing Platform 2012 Media Pack!

It shows how the E-invoicing Platform has developed far beyond being “just” a blog.

With our current reach and (upcoming) instruments, the E-invoicing Platform has grown to a (THE) global e-invoicing community for professionals. With a single purpose: connecting people, ideas and solutions.

This Media Pack will help you to discover how our podium can help you to express your commercial and business objectives and reach your own goals.

Your goals, our aim

We (a team of 5) are very proud to work on and for this vibrant, global e-invoicing community. Why? Well, because we believe in e-invoicing, e-billing and AP automation. And in their promise to unlock massive benefits for a wide audience.

Just click here or on the image below to find out how we can cooperate with you on your ambitions, goals and objectives.

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