6 e-billing and AP automation news bytes

Welcome home holidaymakers! We hope you enjoyed your days off (and wish you heaps of fun and relaxation if you’ve still got your holiday ahead of you). We spent our summer going to festivals, driving through Europe, enjoying a handful of truly hot days and working. Yes, working. Want proof? Then check out these six e-invoicing and AP automation news bytes. They cost a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

NUON selects TIS and Fujitsu’s eFLOW

Top Image Systems, a ECM (Enterprise Content Management) intelligent content capture and delivery solutions provider, and Fujitsu company PFU Imaging Solutions Europe today announced signing a joint deal with Nuon. Nuon, a subsidiary of Vattenfall AB, and one of the leading suppliers of gas, electricity, heat and cooling with over 2.3 million customers in the Netherlands, selected eFLOW for its advanced Digital Mailroom and Invoice Processing solution supported by Fujitsu high-speed scanning.

SPS to manage 20.000 documents for Morplan

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is pleased to announce that it has signed a two year contract with Morplan to manage the electronic fulfilment of all of its customer accounts documents. Morplan (part of the Retif Group) is the UK’s number one supplier of shop equipment, shop fittings and packaging for the fashion and retail industries. The new portal will provide Morplan with greater visibility, a better system of credit control and payment, improved customer interaction, as well as significant cost savings.

Select group of suppliers gets Taulia offering for free

Taulia Inc., the only SAP-certified SaaS platform for dynamic discounting and e-invoicing, today announced it will provide its proven e-invoicing and supplier self-service capabilities to a select group of suppliers for large enterprises, free of charge. And that’s not the only news about Taulia: US manufacturer of glass containers for the food and beverage industry Verallia North America has selected Taulia to provide dynamic discounting, e-invoicing and a self-service portal to its network of suppliers.

New Era sports headwear hands over freight invoices to National Traffic Service

New Era sells a lot of caps. Thirty million of them each year, actually. The company has been making caps for Major League Baseball since the 1930s. New Era decided to outsource the handling of its freight invoices to National Traffic Service, a freight auditing and payment company headquartered in Amherst, N.Y. The company hoped to reduce its processing costs while saving additional money by having the bills audited before payment.

Fujifilm signs deal with Australian Salmat

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation has announced that it signed a definitive agreement with Australia’s largest business service provider Salmat Limited to acquire Salmat’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) division. The acquisition, worth AU$375 million, covers all the shares of Salmat Document Management Solutions Pty. Limited, Salmat’s wholly-owned subsidiary, SDMS’s 11 subsidiaries as well as Salmat Asia Limited, SDMS’s Asian business unit.

Russian X5 launches e-invoicing platform

X5 Retail Group N.V., Russia’s largest retailer in terms of revenue, announced today that it has developed technology to support the exchange of electronic sales invoices with suppliers. The automated exchange of sales invoices was approved by Russia’s Ministry of Justice on 11 April 2012. Immediately following the approval, X5 launched a pilot project where select suppliers sent more than 700 sales invoices using the company’s new network. Starting from 1 October 2012, X5 will start connecting suppliers to the network.

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