[UPDATE] New EU E-invoicing directive? Well apparently not for Romania

August 30, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Legal

You’d reckon that if a member of the European Union changed its e-invoicing legislation, it would do so according to the new EU VAT Directive. That way e-invoicing would be harmonised at an EU level, simplified and liberalised.

But no, not Romania. They changed their legislation into something that doesn’t comply with EU stipulations. Bad, bad boys! Maybe it’s time someone talked a bit of common sense into them?


Wow, looks like the Romanian government temporarily regained its sanity, because they have decided to postpone the due changes in their e-invoicing legislation.Oh, but, wait a minute, they are only giving existing companies some more time to adapt their technical infrastructures to the new legal framework. Which will still be put into effect on 1 January 2013… Oh snap!

Breaching Romanian e-invoicing legislation

Underneath is an overview of the new e-invoicing requirements in Romania:

  • In order to change the modality of issuing invoices, the entity must notify the Ministry of Public Finances.
  • The electronic invoice needs to be signed with an electronic signature and wear a timestamp.
  • The new law also brings new requirements for  those who intend to issue electronic invoices. In fact e-invoices can only be issued by companies which:
    - have adequate human and technical resources to guarantee security and continuity of services related to processing data electronically;
    - use personnel with expertise in the electronic signature technology;
    - can manage and archive all information on invoices in electronic form;
    - use electronic archive systems in accordance with the laws in force.
  • And Romanian law even prescribes depreciation periods expenses with investments in equipment, changing and improving systems and other facilities necessary for e-invoicing.

Let’s hope Romania comes to its senses.

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