Romania starts e-invoicing project. With EU Funding

The Romanian Ministry of Communications will launch together with the Ministry of Finance and NAFA a pilot project where companies will be able to fill out online forms for reimbursement of VAT.

The project:

  • allows companies to use using electronic means for the reimbursement of VAT, without the discussions with someone from Finance.
  • is designed to facilitate the VAT recovery for businesses by making use sure that all the necessary forms can be filled out online.
  • contains online forms that will be behind a flowchart that will allow real-time validation of each value completed, thus eliminating possible errors.
  • will be conducted with EU funds, which could amount to 2-3 million.

Insider comments

“A form with a validation of fields filled with a flowchart on the back can only be a sign of fairness. We want to eliminate things that annoys everyone, to eliminate the things that can be interpreted so, and so by officials ” said Nica.

“We do not want a pilot project with 10 companies, but have 100,000 companies in the pilot. We want SMEs to be involved in this project. We hope to start this project immediately.”

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