Euromaster deploys PaletteInvoice to automate invoice processing

July 16, 2012  |  Europe, Invoice Automation

Euromaster (you know: the tyre service and car maintenance network in Europe) has decided to deploy PaletteInvoice to streamline its invoice processing. Euromaster has 180 sites in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, and nearly 1.950 service centres in 15 countries across Europe.

Both Palette solutions will integrate with Euromaster’s sales management and CODA financial management systems, and will be used by nearly 350 Euromaster finance staff and centre managers.

Euromaster selected Palette because of its rich functionality, its ability to be quickly customised to suit Euromaster’s needs, and its user-friendliness. The first phase of deployment will be completed by the end of 2012.

Benefits of AP Automation by Palette for Euromaster

By handing over the invoice processing to Palette Euromaster wants to:

  1. have its current EDI-based invoice handling and matching system be replaced by an advanced, web-based invoice automation solution.
  2. to streamline financial management and improve efficiencies across its service centres in the Nordic countries.
  3. increase automation across its accounts processes to save staff time, improve efficiency, and minimize manual paper-based administrative tasks.
  4. achieve improved visibility of invoice status and transaction histories, to give closer control over finances and to support enhanced cost analyses.
  5. achieve improved accuracy and visibility of its purchase contracts, helping to reduce errors and streamlining its overall purchase to payment processes.

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