Inalfa Roof Systems starts with Automated Invoice Processing with Palette

February 7, 2013  |  Invoice Automation

Inalfa Roof Systems has decided to use the web-based PaletteInvoice and PaletteBuyer solution to automate financial management across its global business. The company uses PaletteInvoice to automate processing of the approximate 30,000 annual invoices received, and PaletteBuyer to create controlled and automated audit trails at its headquarters and its factory in Slovakia. The solution was supplied and configured by Palette partner Simac Document Solutions, a leading integrator and service provider in Benelux.

Automated Invoice Processing

Inalfa initially piloted PaletteInvoice in early 2011 and the solution was rolled out across its Netherlands and Slovakia sites. Discovering that this delivers enhanced control over costs and enable accounting staff to work more productively.

Inalfa then evaluated several suppliers’ solutions to determine which would automate and manage procurement processes to drive efficiencies across its business. Inalfa selected Palette because of its comprehensive user-interface, the software’s flexibility, and because it was the most user-friendly system.

PaletteInvoice now integrates with Inalfa’s ERP system to provide an up-to-date view of the company’s active invoices and open purchase orders resulting in more efficient financial analysis and oversight. Its flexible, scalable web-based architecture, which supports both office-based and remote staff, with no need for software to be installed on desktop or laptop PCs, and for its modularity, which enables additional features to be deployed as needed.

Currently around 90 staff in Inalfa’s management and accounts departments use Palette to generate purchase orders and process invoices for payment. Inalfa’s accounting personnel scan invoices daily using ReadSoft, and load them into PaletteInvoice. Next, matched invoices are sent to the appropriate individual for authorization. Lastly, the approved invoices are uploaded into Inalfa’s ERP system and scheduled for payment.

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