Almost all Polish Banks have implemented Invoobill

Poland is clearly taking its responsibility to support the European Commission’s aim to make e-invoicing commonplace by 2020. A few weeks ago we mentioned the Polish E-invoicing Alliance.

This time InvooBill gets featured: a loal Polish e-invoicing system created by the national Polish clearinghouse, Krajowa Iza Rozliczeniowa (KIR).

Some backgrounds on InvooBill

KIR has persuaded most Polish banks and a few service providers to implement a local e-invoicing system called Invoobill.

Invoobill is based on the EBPP system (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) Invoices, bills as well as additional information which used to be sent by post in paper format, such as offers and formal communications, etc. are now delivered via InvooBill.

How InvooBill works

 Almost all Polish Banks have implemented Invoobill

  1. A service provider (telecommunication operator, power or gas distribution plant, Internet or cable TV supplier, etc.) no longer sends envelopes containing bills or invoices and other printed material to the client, but instead delivers them to KIR in a electronic format.
  2. KIR groups the collected data and makes it available to the bank.
  3. The bank presents data received from Invoobill to the client via its Internet banking system.
  4. The client accepts or refuses the payment.
  5. The bank informs KIR about the status referring to a specific document, including whether the payment was accepted or refused.
  6. KIR groups information received from banks and transmits it to the service providers in an agreed format.
  7. Transfer of funds corresponding to the paid bills and invoices from the client’s bank to the bank of the service provider is carried out using standard procedures (through the ELIXIR system or as an internal transfer).

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  1. Fancy system too bad it works like crap. For over a year now I have been paying invisible invoices. I only see the sum i have to pay but have no way of seeing the actual invoice. the bank does not care Invoobull refers me to the company that issues the invoice and they in turn don’t bother to even answer an email. It works wonderful on that graphic above reality is something else.

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