CEN Draft Interoperability Agreement remodelled into Draft Framework

June 12, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Standards

As the Europeans probably know, there has been three series of CEN E-invoicing Workshops. The last of these three workshops produced three CWA (Common Workshop Agreements) results worth mentioning:

  • No 1: CWA 16460 :  Good Practice: e-Invoicing Compliance Guidelines Correction Notice
    NOTE: This CWA actually is an evolved version of the Guidelines posted in the first two workshop. So it is not fair to call it a ‘new’ CWA.
  • No 2 CWA 16461 :  Electronic invoice processes in Europe and enablement of SMEs to use them efficiently
  • No 3 CWA 16464-1 : Electronic invoicing - Part 1: Addressing and Routing
  • No 3CWA 16464-2 : Electronic invoicing - Part 2: Model Interoperability Agreement for Transmission and Processing of Electronic Invoices and other Business Documents
  • No 3 CWA 16464-3 : Electronic invoicing - Part 3: Conformance Criteria for Interoperability between Electronic Invoicing Services

From Draft Interoperability Agreement to Draft Framework

Now, a working group from The European E-invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA), used the draft Model Interoperability Agreement prepared by the CEN Phase 3 Workshop on e-Invoicing as a foundation.

And based on this Model Interoperability Agreement the working group developed a technical Framework. This technical framework should facilitate the recognised modes for compliant e-invoicing as well as accommodate the business requirements of all of the parties.

It is expected to complete the work in November 2012.

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