CEN e-invoicing III draft CWA’s are ready for public review

November 29, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Standards

In January 2010 the CEN presented its business case for the European E-invoicing Phase 3 workshop. With a funding of over € 130.000, the overall target of Phase 3 would be “Integration of efforts in standardisation and developments”.

The major objective of the Workshop was “to provide support for a continuing technical platformand to be:

  • be open to the participation of any interested party
  • be neutral and be without commercial purposes
  • reach stakeholder consensus on standards-related issues
  • provide the appropriate interface with international and other European standards activities

Target deliverables

The expected target deliverables were described as:



MUG Core EU Invoice Data model
E-invoicing modules for business software, methodology of software tools, functionalities and specifications for business software requirements.



CWA 1: Development of sustainable compliance guidelines for electronic invoicing
Improvement of cooperation between companies and tax authorities, establishment of clear common understanding between companies and tax authorities in EU, accessibility of rules and regulation.



CWA 2: Electronic invoice processes in Europe and enablement of SMEs to use them efficiently.
Best practice implementations with model agreements for electronic invoicing, model processes and SME focussed best practices.


Business Process

CWA 3: Conformance criteria for interoperability across e-business networks and services.
Integration of electronic invoice in existing business processes.



CWA 4: Awareness and promotion.
The E-invoice Gateway


Assigned by the European Commission

CWA: E-invoicing Code of Practice

Public consultation and discussion

And now the deliverables are ready for public consultation and for public discussion on 12 December 2012 in Brussels.

Download the draft CWA’s

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