Poland sets an example, starts e-invoicing coalition

May 15, 2012  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

How is that for a change? Together with the ‘Polish Confederation of private employers and companies’ Orange Poland decided to create the coalition ‘I choose the e-invoice (Wybieram e-fakture)’ to promote the electronic payment of bills.

340.000 trees saved

Orange calculated that if all invoices in Poland were sent electronically, the country would save 340,00 trees from being cut per year. Among the approximately 4 billion invoices sent per year in Poland, at most 11 percent of the bills are sent in an electronic form.

According to Orange Poland, this result shows that Poland is among the last countries in Europe when it comes to adopting e-invoicing, according to Orange Poland. At present, two million Orange Poland customers use e-invoicing, the company said.

Setting the example

The initiative set a clear example of how to achieve e-invoicing adoption. Even with slow take-up because of the inertia exhibited by certain stakeholders who need to be persuaded to change their ingrained habits.

And also because of mrket fragmentation that emerged from the existence of a wide variety of systems, sometimes technically complex, deployed across the EU that can lead to increased costs for suppliers.

So, who’s next? Who is going to starts the next e-invoicing coalition?

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