E-invoicing in Russia: ready, set, go!

May 9, 2012  |  Adoption, Government

After years of development the Russian administration decided on 11 April 2012 to fully embrace e-invoicing. However, a strict set of rules has been compiled for those who are brave enough to step into the twenty-first century.

Rules and regulations in Russian e-invoicing

  • Using e-invoicing is voluntary
  • Both parties have to consent to the use of an electronic format and both parties have to have the appropriate technical means
  • The e-invoice has to be signed with an electronic digital signature and transferred via an operator
  • In case of requests from tax authorities to provide documents, invoices may be submitted to the tax authorities in electronic format

Funny enough, the new legislation does not provide such strict regulations in respect to electronic flow of primary accounting documents as compared to e-invoices.

Tax authorities, however, are of the opinion that certain primary accounting documents may also be submitted by taxpayers in electronic form during tax audits, if these documents are created electronically.

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