E-invoicing News: IFO chooses Pagero | Lambeth Council selects RBS e-invoicing

February 22, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

IFS chooses Pagero e-invoice and e-netting for 48 subsidiaries in 36 countries

IFS has chosen Pagero’s e-invoice and e-netting service to handle their internal invoices in 36 countries for 38 subsidiaries. When implementing Pagero’s e-invoice solution, IFS also decided to change their batch-oriented netting solution to Pagero’s e-netting real time service which reduces administration and increases control and efficiency.

This is the first step to completely digitalize all internal invoice administration. The service also provides a better overview of all intercompany invoices. All services are available in Pagero Online, an open cloud service where Pagero e-netting is included in Pagero Treasury Management services.

RBS e-invoicing service deployed by Lambeth Council

The Lambeth Council is using the e-invoicing service from The Royal Bank of Scotland Group in an attempt to:

  • cut the cost of receiving, processing and paying bills,
  • reduce paper usage
  • while still complying with the council’s purchase order policy for all goods and services.

It means for the Lambeth administration:

  • able to improve the services on offer to its suppliers, be that for food, stationery, vehicles or the myriad of other resources used by the council, by using the new e-invoicing system
  • ensure payments are made on time,
  • no lost invoices
  • a clear audit trail.
  • improvement of treasury functions and record-keeping.

The RBS e-invoicing service is now integrated into Lambeth Council’s Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, with all purchase orders and invoices delivered via the online hub. The service is fully VAT compliant so both Lambeth Council and their suppliers can rest assured that their documents comply with the relevant HMRC tax rules. The newly live service is the third such rollout to a UK council.

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