E-invoicing news: Pagero and 2C Change cooperate, EDEKA chooses SAP

November 16, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

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Pagero and 2C Change start a strategic e-invoicing cooperation

Pagero and 2C Change have signed a strategic business agreement. 2C change is a Scandinavian provider of SAP. Pagero offers electronic invoicing. With this partnership, Pagero and 2C Change can offer SAP users with a cloud-based, fully digital e-invoice service.

The invoice issuer can send an  invoice in the same format as usual to Pagero. Recipients with a 2C Change e-invoice solution then receives all inbound e-invoices in an agreed format via Pagero Online, independently of what format the supplier sends. The recipient can automatically accept, book and archive all invoices.

Pagero is responsible for activating and connecting the invoice issuers, without any involvement from the invoice recipient’s IT department.

EDEKA Group empowers business partners with SAP and Crossgate

The EDEKA Group is one of the largest or even the largest food retailer in Germany. Edeka has an annual EUR 37 billion in total turnover and services around 12,000 supermarkets.

In a first step, Crossgate and SAP will make EDEKA’s central business processes such as order processing, dispatch notifications and invoicing electronically available. This step should allow the EDEKA Group to:

  • advance and enhance standard processes,
  • cut dependencies on EDI standards,
  • make it easier to react to changes such as new billing regulations within international the business partner network,
  • to form an efficiently operating international business partner network geared to deliver the day-to-day demands of the perishable goods business.

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