Medical E-invoicing News: Pollux Systems extends contract with Zotec | MedData Acquires MedDirect

January 30, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America

Pollux Systems extends contract with Zotec Partners for 5 years

Pollux Systems is a revenue cycle management solutions company for hospital and office-based practices based in (Newburgh, Indiana) US. Pollux provides revenue cycle management services to more than 40 hospitals and office-based practices in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Pollux has decided to renew its contract to license software from Zotec for another five years. Pollux Systems began licensing Zotec Partners’ software five years ago following an 18-month search for a billing software alternative to its own proprietary software.

Pollux Systems selected Zotec Partners’ billing technology—and continues to license the software—because it affords the best solution to automate reporting, denials management and claims processing, and allows it to reengineer any stalled claims.

Billing service provider MedData acquires MedDirect

MedData is a provider of medical billing services. It announced the acquisition of MedDirect. MedDirect is based in Michigan and focuses on:

  • patient services
  • revenue cycle management services and
  • advanced personalized patient communications to healthcare organizations.

This way MedData Enhances its medical billing innovation with patient-centered communications and reimbursement technologies.

Parties say that “This acquisition further strengthens MedData’s leadership position in the billing services sector by putting us at the leading edge of patient-pay and patient communications services. This capability will be critical to the viability of our clients’ practices for many years to come

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