E-billing hits new US high, mobile bill presentment and payment is sky-rocketing

December 23, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Payment

Every now and then Fiserv performs a research. Its newest research shows:

  • that 6 million Americans used a smartphone in the past year for bill presentment or payment
  • nearly 20% of online consumer households change the way they are billed each month
  • 30% of online consumers have visited a biller’s site using their mobile browser to access a monthly bill, typically phone, cable, credit card and utilities.
  • 32% of consumers who pay bills at their bank site already receive e-bills
  • 38% of non-recipients are interested, the highest in the survey’s three years.

Mobile billing

The new research shows that mobile billing is definitely one of the trends for 2012. Of the 6 million consumers who said they had paid a bill with a mobile device:

  • more than 40% used a mobile browser to pay their bill,
  • 35% used an app downloaded from a biller or a bank
  • 17% used text to pay.
  • 60% of mobile bill payments were made with some kind of card, either debit, credit or prepaid

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