NACHA Study: Direct bank payment is the leading US bill payment method

According to a NACHA study of 1,000 US billers, direct payment via ACH (bank transfer) is THE leading method consumers use to pay their bills. The study found that the +75% of those that offer electronic payment options offer Direct Payment via ACH. NACHA also found that almost 50% of consumer bills are paid through this method. A staggering 42% of consumer bills are still paid through the smail mail. And 11% are paid with credit/debit cards. Remember folks, this how things work in the US.

The findings also show that billers prefer receiving brank transfers over cards (48% to 21%). Specifically, billers prefer recurring bank transfers, making this option as the most favorable payment method. Consumers, on the other hand, prefer one-time bank transfers for bill pay. Of the 47% of consumer bills paid via Direct Payment, 25% are one-time bank payments, 11% are recurring payments, and another 11% are payments originated by biller service providers.


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