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State vs Lang: fraud with an e-billing system

An interesting US ruling where someone has been convicted because of tampering (fraud) with an electronic invoicing system. The ruling in short:

  1. Lang worked as the Utilities Clerk for the village of Ripley.
  2. As part of her job responsibilities, Lang would set up utility accounts for new customers, issue billing statements, and accept payments from customers.
  3. From January 2006 through October 27, 2009, Lang stole $952,619.24 from the village of Ripley by adjusting utility bills and diverting money from customer accounts into cash.
  4. Lang’s theft was discovered after the village of Ripley requested a “special audit” of the utilities department.
  5. The state charged Lang with three counts of theft in office and seven counts of tampering with records.
  6. The three counts of theft corresponded to the three methods Lang used to steal money from the village of Ripley.
  7. Lang stole $915,845.26 by adjusting customers’ utility bills downward after they had already paid their balance in full, and withdrawing the difference in cash.
  8. Lang also zeroed accounts out in the electronic billing system so that a customer’s invoice would reflect a zero balance. Lang would then “whiteout” the zero balance and insert a balance-owed amount, which she would then withdraw for herself when the customer paid the bill. Lang stole $23,162.57 through this billing scheme.
  9. Lang also diverted $13,611.41 to herself by taking the cash from new customers who paid a deposit in order to open a new utility account.
  10. Lang pled guilty to three counts of theft in office, and the state dropped the remaining tampering with records charges.

ADP Partners with NextGen Software to increase supplier adoption of its procure-to-pay network

ADP has become partner with NextGen Software. This enables the NextGen Software’s i2x platform to be integrate into ADP Invoice, a component of ADP’s Procure-to-Pay Solution. The “i2x Integration Suite for ADP Invoice”, is an invoice and receipt submission application. This tool allows for suppliers to simplify the process of submitting invoices electronically to ADP clients using ADP Invoice even further.

The NextGen Software’s i2x app makes it possible for suppliers to easily (“with a few clicks”) upload invoices from their accounting systems into ADP Invoice.

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