EESPA: The European Electronic Invoicing Service Provider Association gets approval [UPDATE3]

January 3, 2012  |  Adoption, Europe, Standards

In a post from Anachron we learnt that EESPA received a Royal Decree. That means that it is now  official a Non-Profit Association. This not the first time we wrote about EESPA. Our post Ladies and gentlemen, the EESPA has landed (including updates) was. So what’s is the current status? Some claim it to be a mere talking club. Others celebrate its wide acceptation.

EESPA and its current status

This is what we’ve learned so far:

  • EESPA stands for European Electronic Invoicing Service Provider Association
  • The EESPA received a Royal Decree: it is now a International Non-Profit Association
  • [UPDATE 16-12-2011]: Basware Corporation’s CEO Esa Tihilä was yesterday elected Chair of the EESPA. The position will be held for a two-year term.
  • [UPDATE 21-12-2011]: Charles Bryant (OB10) was appointed vice president
  • [UPDATE 23-12-2011]:EESPA members are defining clear guidelines for technical documents and communication channels within the framework of the so-called PEPPOL collaboration under the EU. This creates the interoperability needed to make it easier and faster for the individual organizations to get going with digital exchange of e-invoices and other data and documents in the procurement process.
  • It is devoted to pursue several principles in the promotion and development of e-Invoicing. Including:
    -Agreement and lobbying on public policy and regulatory issues
    -Development and/or adoption of industry standards and interoperability arrangements
    -Communication and services for members and stakeholders
    -Building momentum towards the wide adoption of electronic invoicing
  • There is -not yet- a website. As far as we know
  • A sister initiative is currently developed by Christiaan van der Valk of Trustweaver, with a focus on digital trust and compliance in Europe. (We promised Christiaan not disclose any more information. So contact him for more information).

What can we say? We’re looking forward to the deliverables of EESPA. Perhaps it can continue the work of the Hub Alliance and boost interoperability.

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