EESPA partners with the E-invoicing Platform

October 15, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

EESPA225X225 150x150 EESPA partners with the E invoicing PlatformEESPA, The European E-invoicing Service Provider Association, and the E-invoicing Platform, the biggest online community of e-invoicing professionals have closed a deal that allows EESPA to profit from the benefits that the E-invoicing Platform has to offer. The deal also benefits the E-invoicing Platform as the EESPA provides relevant in depth content and discusses on the development of e-invoicing in Europe.

More about EESPA

EESPA, the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association, is an international not-for-profit trade association. Members of EESPA share a common vision and a commitment to supporting the adoption of e-invoicing based on the following principles:

  1. Serving the interests of customers of all sizes and varieties including large, small and medium-sized enterprises, public bodies and consumers;
  2. Providing easy to use, convenient and value for money services offered and delivered in a competitive market-place;
  3. Working to support the vision and implementation of public policy towards compliant e-invoicing, and to promote end-to-end supply chain automation and replacement of paper with wholly electronic transactions;
  4. Developing and implementing such jointly agreed policies and capabilities that are appropriate and contribute towards creating a well-performing and integrated landscape for e-invoicing and e-business, based on standards and interoperability across Europe.


More information about EESPA can be found on their profile page and on their website. Or, contact them via Dora Cresens or call her at +32 16 437 415



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