TietoEnator and Seeburger partners in e-invoicing

August 12, 2008  |  Uncategorized

TietoEnator, one of the leading financial value chain and eInvoicing service providers in Europe, and Seeburger, an integration specialist from Bretten in Germany, have announced that they have embarked on a global cooperation. The partnership will focus on eInvoicing and long-term archiving, which complement Seeburger’s service offering and bring TietoEnator’s eInvoicing network new customers.

TietoEnator offers eInvoicing services to both enterprises and banks and can reach a large number of invoice issuers and receivers. Mats Wikström, Vice President of Value Networks at TietoEnator Digital Innovations says: “Together with our customers, we’ve received several international innovation awards in business integration and financial value chain services. This co-operation is an important milestone in improving services for our international customers.”
The cooperation makes TietoEnator’s on-demand services for eInvoice exchange and archiving available to Seeburger’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) outsourcing customers. The new joint service already has its first customer, a leading company in the packaging market.
Bernd Seeburger, founder and CEO of Seeburger says: “By using TietoEnator’s eInvoicing service with Seeburger’s EDI outsourcing services, our common customer can optimize its invoice handling processes, as well as take care of tax and legal compliance requirements. They chose this solution in order to ensure a secured exchange of invoices with all of its business partners.”


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