Ricoh and ReadSoft offer best-in-class solutions

Ricoh 230x200ReadSoft partner Ricoh Netherlands is a supplier of IT and document solutions. Thanks to the key role played by Ricoh in the rapid development of the global office, the company has in only twenty years, become the market leader in sustainable document solutions.

With 108,500 employees and offices in over 50 countries, the Ricoh Group currently has one of the largest sales and service networks in the industry.

To learn more about the partnership between Ricoh and ReadSoft, we had a chat with Theo van Zalen, Business Manager Managed Services at Ricoh Netherlands. Theo has been with Ricoh for almost 15 years and has been a key enabler of the company’s success. In his current role, Theo is responsible for all solution selling with a focus on establishing strong, successful partnerships to further develop the business.

For how long have Ricoh and ReadSoft been partners?

We have been partners for many years. In the beginning we worked together with the ReadSoft head office in Sweden, which was the start of a good relationship. In 2008, ReadSoft established a Benelux subsidiary, and since then we’ve been working with the local team, which is easier because we’re closer to each other and speak the same language, so now our relationship with ReadSoft is even stronger.

What types of deals do you do together?

The deals we do together with ReadSoft typically involve automation of invoice processing (with and without ERP integrations), Human Resources document processing, case management, etc. The ReadSoft products we work with are DOCUMENTS, INVOICES, FORMS, INVOICE COCKPIT and INVOICEIT.

What’s it like to work with ReadSoft?

Our relationship is based on trust, a strong network on all levels and the ability to make each other successful. A partnership needs time to mature and develop, you need to keep investing and you need the right people to understand and lead the way.

What are your partnership plans for the future?
Ricoh will keep focusing on a selection of strong partner relationships, of which ReadSoft is one. We choose to partner with companies that complement Ricoh on multiple levels to achieve a combination of best-in-class, high-value solutions. Examples of such combinations are Ricoh-ReadSoft-CTAC and Ricoh-ReadSoft-4apps Group. To further build these relationships has a very strong focus within Ricoh.

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