ETSI: 4th Security Workshop in Sophia Antilopis (F)

September 27, 2008  |  Events

ETSI will organise its 4th Security Workshop to be held at ETSI
Headquarters, in Sophia Antipolis, France, on the 13th and 14th of January 2009. The increasing complexity and rapid development of new systems and networks, the sophistication of changing threats, and the presence of intrinsic vulnerabilities present demanding challenges for the Information society in its efforts to secure Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems and networks against the threats and related risks to which they are subject. To minimise exposure to risks, Security must be built in from the beginning when designing new architectures, and not added on at a later stage as an optional feature.

Security standards, sometimes in support of legislative actions, are essential to ensure
interoperability between products using the same security mechanisms, to provide globally acceptable security metrics, as well as to ensure an adequate level of security for these products. This leads to a more secure and profitable environment for the industrial sector from SME to large global companies, as well as benefits for governmental organisations, research bodies and universities.

The annual ETSI Security Workshop has evolved into a world reference and is acknowledged by many to the annual international security standardisation workshop to attend, bringing together international Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) and security experts to discuss recent developments, share knowledge, identify gaps and co-ordinate on future actions and work areas and to maintain our reputation and commitment in this area.The workshop will include overviews of the work being done in the area of security across standards and technical bodies, along with presentations from major organisations involved in security initiatives.


Online registration for this workshop is now open. Attendance at the workshop is free of charge and open to everyone.

This event is in the past




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