“Why website ebilling will never result in widespread paper suppression”

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The use of eBilling has been promoted for at least the past ten years. Why isn’t it more popular than it is at this moment?
I had a most frustrating experience today with eBilling. I had forgotten to pay my son’s phone bill of March. The simple reason for forgetting it was, that I didn’t notice it in the service providers eBilling portal. They usually send me an email to inform me of a new bill but this time the notice failed. Now I will have to pay the bill plus an extra fee for the reminder. Not acceptable.
So what then is wrong with the current systems? First, the technology doesn’t seem to be ripe enough for eBilling. At least not with all solutions I have been using. Second, the process of eBilling hasn’t been thought of properly. I am currently using three portals to handle my payments. That is two too much. Ideally I would handle all my payments in my bank’s portal. Now I will have to go to two other portals and go to my bank’s portal anyway for the actual financial transaction.

Of course, the second problem has nothing to do with IT but goes to show, that you simply cannot implement technology without taking into consideration the high level process, in this case the whole billing process.

What was the result of this experience? I simply told the service provider to send me a paper bill in the future.

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