Anachron and zumzum launch eBilling Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the UK

January 8, 2009  |  Electronic Invoicing

As pressure mounts on organisations to be more “green” in their business operations and the continuous drive for greater efficiencies, eBilling is set to change the way companies send invoices to their customers. The market for eBilling solutions is expected to have massive growth in the next few years so Anachron and zumzum have forged a strategic partnership to capitalise on the UK market.

“Having reviewed over 50 eBilling providers across Europe it became very clear why Anachron is in the top 3 eBilling solution providers in Europe” explains Bashrat Din, Managing Director of zumzum. “Anachron is the only vendor that has solutions for large billers through to very small companies. The particular expertise demonstrated by Anachron in the B2B eBilling sector, the advanced set of features and the total commitment to quality of service means that Anachron is ideally positioned to increase their market share across Europe. We are very excited to be working with Anachron to increase their footprint in the UK.”

Continued Bashrat Din, “Anachron established the business in 1999 so is a survivor of the dot com meltdown, but not just survived but prospered by accumulating a very impressive set of reference customers. The investments Anachron has made in technology means that they are unique with a total set of solutions for both the Biller-direct model, which is well suited to large accounts and also the Biller-Consolidator model (Ingis) targeting the SME market. This latter solution is as a result of an investment made in Anachron by ING bank so this is an example of the very creative partnerships Anachron is capable of developing.

“From our very first contact with Anachron we have been incredibly impressed with the people at Anachron, and they constantly demonstrate a creative and flexible approach to partnering. They are just great people to be working with and we are delighted with the early results we are achieving” concluded Din.


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