Introducing Pagero: The global e-invoicing and e-ordering business network

We are delighted to again welcome an e-invoicing service provider with a global reach. This time we give the floor to Pagero. Pagero offers e-order and e-invoice services that help businesses to streamline operations throughout the entire order-to-pay process. Or as they state it: Pagero is your financial supply chain network.

Their services are delivered in the cloud via their Pagero Online network. The services are independent of ERP system, industry and transaction volume and suit all types of businesses. Over 12 000 customers in forty countries benefit from their services. Through their roaming agreements, they reach over 500 000 companies and organisations worldwide.


Pagero’s e-order services enable your company to communicate electronically with all your business partners through one single connection to our network, Pagero Online. Their e-order services suit all businesses, regardless of ERP system, industry sector or order volume.


With Pagero’s e-invoice services your company can communicate electronically with all your suppliers and customers via one single connection to our network Pagero Online. Their e-invoice services are suitable for all businesses, regardless of business system, industry sector or invoice volume.
Pagero has about 110 employees with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. They also have local sales offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Dublin and Dubai. Over 30 developers in their R&D team constantly work with developing our services enabling our customers to get the maximum benefit from their investment.

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