Switzerland starts with mandatory B2G e-invoicing as from 1 January 2016

Switzerland is the latest European country to announce the roll-out of e-invoicing. As of January 1, 2016, Suppliers to the Federal Administration holding contracts with a value equal to or greater than 5000 CHF will be obliged to use this new system. The aim of this measure is to streamline admin processes in the B2G area (Business to Government) and minimize the use of paper.

Although the Federal Government has been technically ready to receive electronic billing since 2012, the use of this model is not yet widespread. The vast majority of invoices reaching the Administration are on paper and, in many cases, subsequently have to be digitized. In fact, according to the official communiqué, at this time only 14 % of bills are sent electronically.

The Swiss government’s decision comes at a time when more than thirty countries around the world are immersed in the rollout of electronic invoicing. However, unlike other European and Latin American states, in Switzerland it is not proposed as an instrument to combat tax evasion. So, they have established a more open model, leaving out small businesses for the moment.

To issue electronic invoicing, the Administration allows different types of solutions. Ranging from the possibility of a direct link to the administration that enables the issuing an integration of data from your own ERP, to the deployment of web platforms to manually download los data deemed necessary by the Federal Government for the construction of an invoice.

The rollout of electronic billing will allow cost savings on paper as well as the sending, printing and packaging of documents. Moreover, it will streamline procedures and reduce the likelihood of errors, with the direct knock-on effect of increased productivity.

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