Swiss federal administration mandates B2G e-invoicing

The Swiss Federal Council decided that as from 1 January 2016, suppliers have to submit electronic invoices to the federal administration if the contract value exceeds 5,000 Swiss francs. That is what Bruno Koch pointed out.

With this scheme, the concerns of SMEs is considered to exempt small procurements from the requirement. The federal administration will support their suppliers in the implementation phase.

All Swiss administrative units of the federal government are already able to process incoming e-invoices since 2012. However the adoption of electronic invoicing still lies below the Swiss expectations and automation objectives (14% adoption). The majority of the approximately 700,000 annual incoming invoices Federal is currently filed as a paper invoice and must be scanned and digitized first.

This complies with developments in other European countries, where suppliers of public administrations are already required to e-invoicing or appropriate efforts are underway.

For more information on Swiss e-invoicing can be found here: . The original news item, pointed out bij Bruno Koch, can be found here.


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