Medius biggest and fastest growing provider in Sweden, according to report

September 26, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

A recent report on electronic invoice by Swedish consultancy group Inspectum shows that Medius is the fastest growing provider of electronic invoice in the Swedish market, and one of the fastest growing internationally.

Ever since 2004 Inspectum has performed measurements of electronic invoicing adoption in the Swedish market.The 2013 report shows that Medius is both the largest e-invoicing provider in Sweden, with a market share of 15.2%, and is also the fastest growing operator in Sweden.

Mikael Lindblom, CEO of Medius states:

“We have invested significant resources recent years to develop our product MediusFlow, and it feels great that it has been so well received in the market. We are especially proud that many of our customers see Medius as a long-term supplier and would recommend us to others. It is in my eyes the best reward we can get! Meanwhile, we are also number one in terms of growth in the industry, with a share of new customers of 34% in 2013 ”

The Inspectum report shows that Medius:

  • Is the largest operator in Sweden
  • Is the fastest growing operator in Sweden
  • Is considered by 91% of its customers to be a long term partner, while the industry average is 80%
  • Has a high customer satisfaction: 87% would recommend to others Medius while the industry average is 81%



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