Argentina extends mandatory electronic invoicing to six new production sectors

On December 16, 2013, AFIP published General Resolution 3571/13, listing the new production sectors which in the coming months must join the special regime for issuance and electronic safekeeping of original invoices.

The sectors to be mandatorily incorporated into the electronic billing system have been segmented into 6 different groups according to the type of activity they engage in. Gradually, all of them must migrate to the electronic billing system regulated by AFIP.

To this end, 1 April 2014 is the date that companies in the first group must be ready to carry out electronic invoicing. A few months later, on 1 August 2014,  the last group (group 6) must be ready for compliant einvoicing.

344,596 companies are required to use e-invoicing

Among these 6 sectors sectors, we find the public services provider companies (electricity, water and natural gas), forming a cluster of over 2,432 businesses generating 119 million invoice receipts annually.

The construction sector’s presence is also extended, bringing an additional 66,323 taxpayers under the aegis of the new resolution. Another important sector, real estate services, adds another 163,959 taxpayers to the 180,637 currently registered.

The end result is that 344,596 taxpayers in the sector will be required to issue invoices electronically. Click here to see the groups by activity and/or jurisdiction.

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