Is Canada next to impose ebilling consumer protection legislation?

crtc Is Canada next to impose ebilling consumer protection legislation?Ebilling is finding its ways accross society. And more and more examples brake the surface, showing that consumer demand protection against all to drastic onboarding schemes. Ireland is most probably the first in the world to impose ebilling consumer protection legislation. But if we may believe the rumours Canada may follow within short notice.

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commissionhas recieved several applications to eliminate paper bill penalties immediately from Koodo, Telus and Bell Canada. In response to complaints, the CRTC had asked telecom firms to disclose their extra billing fees. It found they ranged from 99 cents to $4. It took several years, but the Canadian government is on the case. The banks, which also charge for paper bills, could be next to feel customers’ rage. And it is expected that the CRTC will come with regulation.

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