Millions of UK households in financial distress by firms switching to online billing [consumer protection]

A must read! This article in the MailOnline. Taking into account that in the US online presented bills most of the time still need to be paid, forcing up e-billing can have big negative effects for consumers, reasearch shows. The uptake of e-billing leads makes people to loose tracks of their payment liabilities. Or as one consumer put it: “I can’t afford to pay for paper bills… but can’t keep track without them.. And: I find it much harder to keep track of my bills – and notice when bills increase – when it’s all done online. I don’t have time to log on all the time and check.

Even though the research was done for the ‘Keep me posted’ (a paper industry funded initiative), the findings don’t stand alone and should be taken seriously: you wouldn’t want to be held responsible for financial distress because of your e-billing ambitions. Do you? Well!?


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