Philippines GSIS rolls out online billing and payment app

In July of this year GSIS, the Government Service Insurance System, (the agency responsible to provide and administer the social security benefits for government employees in the Philippines) will be launching an online billing and payment application.

Philippines GSIS rolls out online billing and payment appThe Electronic Billing and Collection System (eBCS) is a web-based application that will enable GSIS to send its billing statements for premium and loan amortisation to government agencies electronically, and accept payments online.

Under the eBCS, the pension fund will notify remitting agencies through email, on the 1st and 15th day of the month, to inform them that they can already download the billing statement from the system.

GSIS President and General Manager Robert Vergara:

  • “The online billing and electronic payment will save GSIS millions of pesos in postage and courier expenses as files will change hands electronically at no cost,”
  • “It will save time and government resources on the part of remitting officers who can do all the work, including payment of GSIS bills, in the comfort of their offices.”

  • “Since the billing file can be downloaded as early as the first day of the month, remitting officers can also prepare the remittance file early and will have more time to check any discrepancy between the billing and the remittance files.”

  • “This will ensure the seamless and efficient posting of payments, ultimately resulting in the accurate computation of the benefit proceeds of members.”

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