Tradeshift signs e-invoicing agreement with Lear Corporation

More and more multinationals are looking for ways to bring the different branches of their global companies together on one platform. As more governments begin to mandate e-invoicing and other business processes, having a unified solution that works across borders will be critical.

Lear understands this. With 113,000 employees and 221 locations in 36 countries, it faces the challenges that a lot of global enterprises are confronting today. By working with Tradeshift they’ll be able to ensure compliance and scalability in every region they do business.  And Tradeshift provides the answer.

With Mexico’s January 1, 2014 CFDI mandate looming, and other countries following suit, multinationals everywhere are evaluating the best solutions for meeting the complex compliance regulations. Tradeshift ensures documents sent and received on the platform meet these standards and are compliant with the CFDI format. Tradeshift will begin the implementation and onboarding of Lear’s suppliers throughout North America and Mexico.


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