Edicom goes for global interoperability with GXS [40th interconnection]

June 28, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing

Edicom recently signed a worldwide interoperability deal with GXS for the transmission and exchange of electronic invoices and related documents between clients and users of both companies, with no limitations in terms of volume or format. The two big hitter European EDI multinationals (electronic data interchange) signed a collaboration pact whose main beneficiaries are the thousands of users exchanging electronic documents on a daily basis.

EDICOM currently maintains more than 40 interconnections with some of the major VANs worldwide, ensuring global interoperability with virtually any trading partner. Some of the networks with which we have interoperability are: GXS, Sterling Commerce, Nubridges, Intesa, Easy Link, Neogrid, Tivit and so on.

Source: http://newsroom.edicomgroup.com/en/2013/06/06/edicom-reaches-global-interoperability-agreement-with-gxs/

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