More than 5000 customers of Edicom use the EDIWIN Platform

May 25, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

More than 5000 customers of Edicom use the EDIWIN® Platform to electronically interexchange more than 3.000.000 invoices per month.

Electronic invoicing is one of the key services of Edicom in both Europe and (Latin) America, according Frank Lodewijks, Key Account Manager at Edicom.

For both outgoing EDI & PDF invoices (eventually signed with an advanced digital signature and/or time stamp code) and incoming EDI / PDF or paper invoices, Edicom offers via her ASP / SaaS services solutions in order to reduce operational costs and contribute to a greener environment.

Electronic invoicing in many countries still is accompanied by ´cold water fear´, but in some cases local laws speed up the acceptance. For instance in Latin America in many countries, by law companies by law need to invoice electronically above a certain amount (i.e. € 200,=) all invoices, signed with a digital signature and/or time stamp code in order to report directly at the local TAX department.

In Europe we see more and more that large retailers obligate their suppliers to only send electronic (EDI) invoices and many manufactures who deliver via whole sales channels almost for 100% send out electronic invoices.

With over 7000 customers worldwide and 17 year of experience in many sectors, Edicom happily wants to advice your company what solution fits the best your business needs and how we integrate in an easy way with your ERP / invoicing software system.

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