e-Invoicing In Manufacturing – How Advanced Are You? [webinar]

May 6, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Events, Legal

e-Invoicing is becoming an increasingly important requirement for manufacturers as they look to expand, as well as support their customer’s globalisation moves into different regions around the world, such as Latin America and Mexico.

Discover the key to a successful e-Invoicing implementation in manufacturing by viewing this on-demand webinar hosted by Mark Morley, Manufacturing Industry Director and Nigel Taylor, e-Invoicing Director. This 40 minute webinar discusses:

  • The critical manufacturing industry trends in 2013 that are driving increased e-Invoicing adoption
  • E-invoicing implementation choices with the associated benefits and pitfalls
  • Regional and country specific regulations that manufacturers need to adhere to
  • Specific e-Invoicing initiatives in the automotive, high tech and discrete manufacturing sectors
  • Example case studies with leading manufacturers that have already implemented e-Invoicing


Source: http://www.gxs.co.uk/resources/thought_leadership/webinars/e-invoicing_mfg

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