Certipost’s experts are coming to a company near you

What better way to increase the adoption rate of electronic invoicing than using a hands-on approach? The experts at Certipost are literally going on the road to study the specific opportunities for a company on site, to provide detailed information and to detect, analyse and eliminate problems and bottlenecks on the spot. And these experts know what they’re doing, because they have over 10 years of experience and have come across practically every conceivable situation in every company.

Taking companies by the hand

Gert Roeckx, CEO Certipost: “We are convinced that this approach will increase the level of adoption, and that medium-sized companies also will adopt e-invoicing. Often, making a couple of adjustments or collecting more information is enough to properly launch electronic invoicing. We explain how a company is able to convince its business partners to switch to electronic invoicing. The fact that companies don’t have to draw up all the communication for their business partners is often already a great help.”

Scan & Capture and Print & Post

Certipost acknowledges that going completely paperless is not feasible for every company. There are always suppliers who send paper invoices, and there are always customers who demand paper invoices. Certipost has set up two new services for this: Scan & Capture and Print & Post. This allows a company to electronically receive the invoices a supplier sends on paper. And customers who wish to receive their invoices on paper can do so, while the invoices are generated electronically.

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