PEPPOL: the process of enabling cross-border use of eCatalogues

September 7, 2009  |  Adoption, Publications

PEPPOL Deliverable D3.1 - Functional, Technical, legal and organisational specifications for the development of Building Blocks Software enabling cross-border use of eCatalogues - Version 1.1 pending EC approval

Description :
According to the work description of the PEPPOL project, the overall aim of work package 3 (eCatalogues) is to provide interoperable solutions for economic operators in any European country to utilise eCatalogue information already registered in their systems and to submit this information electronically to any public sector awarding entity from a different Member State when these economic operators decide to apply for public tenders in which the description of the items to be purchased is requested in the form of eCatalogues.

As a first step to specify and implement such interoperable solutions for economic operators, work package 3 investigated existing studies and initiatives, as well as legal frameworks at European and national levels which may have any relevance for eCatalogues. Therefore, the first activities of WP 3 comprised the analysis, synthesis and assessment of existing reports and documents.

Based on the knowledge acquired, an internal discussion was started among WP 3 participants, first to clearly identify the current status, both of the WP 3 participants and of other countries, second to clearly identify the problem to solve, and identify the most suitable solution.

This report documents the results of these activities. The deliverable has been issued by the PEPPOL project and it is pending for EU approval.

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