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October 2011

  1. EXPP Summit 2011 in Barcelona: observations

    Standards, Europe, Latin America, operators, PDF and much more: Oriol Bausa (Invinet) watched and observed

June 2011

  1. Why consider CII or SEPA with the advent of UBL 2.1?

    UBL 2.1 provides a mapping of the UBL Invoice elements to the equivalent -estimated 170- SEPA pain elements

May 2011

  1. Recent Finnish research shows: decreasing adoption rates of e-billing by consumers

    B2B e-invoicing adoption is picking up at a decent pace, especially in medium-sized and large companies

  2. Californian DWC Issues eBilling Rules

    First step in reduction of an estimated $200 billion of administrative waste in healthcare in such areas as billing, collections, and remittance management

April 2011

  1. Big news in the world of SAP EDI and B2B

    It is very difficult and expensive to be an independent B2B HUB in a world dominated by large ERP vendors

March 2011

  1. How eBilling can help SEPA Direct Debit acceptance

    Direct Debit functions well as a payment instrument for many creditors in the euro zone

  2. EBICS – The Standard for Corporate-to-Bank Communication?

    Published by Steve Keifer, Vice President of Industry and Product Marketing for GXS

  3. Is promoting e-Billing the same as Greenwashing?

    By Heidi Tolliver-Nigro for Wausau Paper

  4. eFactura, the Argentinian Electronic Invoice method

    By Alexandre Carvalho, APC Solutions

February 2011

  1. UN/Cefact ISO 20022 XML or/and UN/Cefact CII2?

    Within UN/CEFACT, two separate working groups support different competing standards. Goal: global dominance. What to do?