Recent Finnish research shows: decreasing adoption rates of e-billing by consumers

May 4, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

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E-billing has been on the agenda for a decade in Finland. B2B e-invoicing adoption is picking up at a decent pace, especially in medium-sized and large companies. However, the current adoption rate in B2C e-billing is estimated to be below ten percent. Reason for this low adoption rate lies in consumers’ reception practices.

In a recent study it was calculated that  ( about 90% of the Finnish pay their bills via online banking.

So, the theoretical readiness to receive an electronic invoice directly in an online bankenvironment is high, but a recent study showed ( that still only a fifth of the Finnish receive electronic bills.

The outcome of this study is bothersome, as Finland is considered as one of the leading countries when it comes to the adoption of new (online) innovations, like e-invoicing. Let’s hope that the new EU initiatives on e-invoicing help to achieve massive e-invoicing adoption.

More information can also be found in an earlier post on the EEI Platform.

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