Taiwan slowly but surely says its goodbyes to paper transactions

May 18th, 2012 by in Asia, Electronic Invoicing, Government

In 2000 the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance (MOF) launched its plan to promote electronic invoices. “We now have an e-invoice integration platform on the internet, where all transaction information is saved and can be retrieved,” said Su Chun-jung, director-general of the Financial Data Centre

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Together Tradeshift and INTTRA provide ocean freight e-invoicing

INTTRA and Tradeshift have entered into a strategic alliance. Their goals is to enable ocean carriers and their customers to manage with a single connection ocean freight invoices, disputes and payments on a common platform

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UN/CEFACT projects and plans are on track

May 16th, 2012 by in Digitalisation

In particular, the forum focused on business processes both for governments and for the private sector in the field of electronic business and trade facilitation. Gait Boxman of TIE Kinetix participated in the development of one of the core UN/CEFACT deliverables: the UN/EDIFACT Directories

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EU: 18 DGs, EU Agencies and Institutions adopt eInvoicing using e-PRIOR

May 16th, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government

This is the first wave of the eInvoicing roll-out in all DGs, Agencies and Institutions that started with a few suppliers in 2009. The adoption of eInvoicing continues to grow. By the end of 2012, all 49 Directorate-Generals of the Commission and Executive Agencies will be using eInvoicing with IT contractors

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Macedonia’s first steps to e-invoicing

May 16th, 2012 by in Adoption, Europe, Government

The introduction of e-invoicing is on top of Macedonia’s to-do list in 2012. The Tax Policy Department and its Working Group have been assigned to fulfil this important task. They are technically supported by USAID through the Partners for Financial Stability (PFS) program

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E-Invoicing Adoption Benchmarking Report

Not surprisingly, they’re achieving significant benefits, including payment cycles reduced to five days, (from 23), a 39 percent increase in on-time payments and a 63 percent reduction in lost paper invoices

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Poland sets an example, starts e-invoicing coalition

May 15th, 2012 by in Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

How is that for a change? Together with the ‘Polish Confederation of private employers and companies’ Orange Poland decided to create the coalition ‘I choose the e-invoice (Wybieram e-fakture)’ to promote the electronic payment of bills

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Kuehne + Nagel Selects Tradeshift

May 15th, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Kuehne + Nagel, one of the world’s bigger logistics companies, selected Tradeshift for e-invoicing. The first stage of the trial will see Tradeshift implemented across five countries followed by a wider European rollout

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AP Automation News: Proactis strikes deal | International Companies joins Esker | SciQuest introduces AP solution

PROACTIS eProcurement supports cancer research to cut costs & increase efficiencies | International Companies reduces invoicing costs with Esker on Demand Automation | SciQuest enters market with an enhanced accounts payable solution

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The ultimate race between EDI and digital signatures

Maintaining adequate legal evidence is of the utmost importance when it comes to electronic invoicing. Even in Europe after 1-1-2013. We can practically hear you asking yourself: “Well, which technology solution should I use then?” Electronic data interchange (EDI) and digital signatures are the two primary established methods of exchanging invoice data

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