What’s the e-invoicing score? OB10 CEO Luke McKeever answers 8 questions

May 23rd, 2012 by in Featured Articles

Electronic invoicing is hot and happening. The European Commission, for example, is taking actions towards massive EU adoption. It’s high time then to ask OB10 CEO Luke McKeever’s view on the state of affairs. Subjects we address: the rapid development of e-invoicing, the liberalisation of European e-invoicing, and innovation and competition.

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Businesses can’t simply switch from paper to digital overnight

In his original publication, Martin Hurley (Vice President and General Manager, Outsourcing Services Ricoh Europe) reviews the impacts of one element of the European Union Digital Agenda for European Businesses: e-invoicing. Below you can find a collection of his most relevant thoughts on the subject

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European Parliament says its bit about e-invoicing

May 23rd, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government

The European Commission is setting “strict” deadlines. E-procurement, for example; the public sector has to make the transfer not later than 2016. Looking at the heat that’s coming from this topic, it is not so surprising that the European parliamentarians are now of the opinion that they should have a say in the matter as well

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Compatible with over 200 ERP’s in over 100 countries [movie]

May 23rd, 2012 by in Publications

For the most of you Basware doesn’t need an introduction. However you still may have received an e-mail from Ryan Cutright of Basware with a short company introduction

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eInvoicing Workshop 2012 - Düsseldorf

Many companies report on the implementation of electronic invoicing and electronic invoice receipt. In this workshop, experts explain details about the legal situation in Germany and the international requirements for electronic invoices

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Zain Bahrain welcomes e-invoicing

May 22nd, 2012 by in Asia, Electronic Invoicing

Zain Bahrain, a telecommunications operator in (surprise, surprise) Bahrain, announced the launch of a new e-invoice service for its customers

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E-invoicing in Mexico: key changes as from 1 July 2012 [by InvoiceWare]

Just like Argentina, Brazil and Chile, compliance has now also become THE dominating meaning of einvoicing in Mexico. This because Mexico has adopted a intricate series of legislation and regulations around electronic invoicing. InvoiceWare explains

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A strategy for European e-Procurement. Is e-invoicing next? [11 FAQ's]

May 22nd, 2012 by in Europe, Government, Legal

We mentioned that the European Commission wants to mandate e-procurement across all Europe institutions and Member States. And even thought he European Parliament has to vote on this proposal, it is highly interesting. First, because this initiative can be a solid driver for e-invoicing adoption. And second, because this approach…

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OB10 publishes 2012 Accounts Receivable Survey

May 22nd, 2012 by in Publications, Research

OB10, the global B2B e-invoicing network, recently published its third Accounts Receivable Survey. The survey explores the current practices among collections professionals on invoicing, payment and early pay discounts, and asks their views on their financial performance and the economy

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Stop Hoarding your money, start with Dynamic Discounting

May 18th, 2012 by in Credit Management, Payment

During tight times, the tendency for most organisations is to shore up costs and adopt a myopic approach to conducting business. This is not the way to prepare for, or pull through, a market slowdown. Companies bold enough to embrace such a creative approach can successfully navigate today’s rough waters…

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