European Parliament says its bit about e-invoicing

Oh yes, the European Commission is setting “strict” deadlines. E-procurement, for example; the public sector has to make the transfer not later than 2016. The European adoption of e-invoicing? We’ve got eight more years to go. Hopefully a revolution in the way we handle invoices has already taken place by then.

And, let’s not forget about this, hopefully the new European directive on e-invoicing with its uniformity on legal requirements will spark this revolution. Looking at the heat that’s coming from this topic, it is not so surprising that the European parliamentarians are now of the opinion that they should have a say in the matter as well.

European Parliament embraces e-invoicing

Some of the texts adopted at the sitting of Friday 20 April 2012 address the e-invoicing issue. The most essential ones (at least according to us):

  • The EP welcomes the e-invoicing Initiative, which aims to make e-invoicing the predominant method of invoicing in the EU by 2020, and the Commission decision setting up the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on e-invoicing (EMSFEI).
  • The EP underlines the substantial benefits offered by e-invoicing as a tool for the more efficient and less burdensome management of all customer-supplier relationships, in both public and private spheres.
  • The EP is aware of market fragmentation due to national rules on e-invoicing; it regrets that only 22% of SMEs receive or send e-invoices.

So, the European Parliament is positive. That’s good. But maybe they could try to positively reinforce the European Commission in making e-invoicing the mandatory standard. Preferably before 2020.

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