Palette Launches e-Invoicing Services Portal to Simplify E-invoicing On-boarding

February 24th, 2014 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe

With the Services Portal, Palette users are able to initiate the ‘onboarding’ process for e-invoicing by selecting relevant customers and partners and inviting them to opt-in to supply e-invoices. Once a contact has confirmed and approved the invitation, a connection is established to allow e-invoices to be sent or received via the PaletteConnectivity Services platform.

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SAP Hybrid Cloud Part 2 of 4: Proves Successful for Latin America E-Invoicing Compliance

We welcome a series of blogpost from Steve Sprague, VP Product Strategy InvoiceWare:

“In follow up to his first article: SAP Hybrid Cloud Proves Successful for Latin America E-Invoicing Compliance Part 1, He goes into further detail on why the Hybrid Cloud model is taking over as the leading solution choice for compliance across Latin America.

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E-invoicing, E-procurement and AP Automation bites you may have missed [week 6-2014]

We continuously collect news items that for some reason don’t make it to a full post here at the E-invoicing Platform. News from the world of on e-invoicing, payments, invoice automation, order to cash, purchase to pay, compliance or e-procurement. And because we do want to give you the opportunity to get informed about what is going on all over the world, we provide you with this news flash.

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Easily automate your PDF Document Exchange with Smart PDF Connect

PDF documents can be difficult or time consuming to retrieve the necessary information by software without human intervention when processing into your back office system. Manually processing and adjusting documents create additional expenses, time and errors. With Smart PDF Connect customers are able to process, translate and integrate PDF documents automatically with your back office system with 100% accuracy, regardless of the ERP system.

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European Pharmaceutical Selects Top Image Systems for Purchase to Pay processing

The company selected Top Image Systems largely because of the flexibility of the eFLOW platform to process various kinds of semi and unstructured documents and for its integration to multiple business systems. Previously, any invoice that was received by the company via email had to be printed out before processing.

If an invoice document referred to more than one purchase order, it would have to be run through the system multiple times. With eFLOW, invoice processing is streamlined with immediate data recognition and validation; the company’s P2P processes are optimized, enabling a quick, safe and cost-effective document flow to and from their customers.

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AcceptEmail - a solid and future proof e-mandate solution for billers and customers

February 17th, 2014 by in Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment

By introducing a universal e-mandate solution, AcceptEmail answers to the call of customers and stakeholders, such as merchants, branch organisations and regulators as the Central Bank, to manage and acquire electronic mandates for SEPA Direct Debit in an easy, secure and compliant way. AcceptEmail Mandates allow consumers and merchants to complete and exchange mandates fully digital via e-mail, mobile or online. Read more about their added value, distinctive features and how AcceptEmail Mandates works.

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The Basware Knowledge Center: your one source for excellence

Looking for customer success, research reports, white papers, ebooks, factsheets or (and these are our favourites) videos on invoice automation and e-invoicing the Basware-style. Than go to their knowledge center. And take a look at the The World’s Fastest E-Invoice Training Video. Or the succes story how Staples Advantage enjoys improved cash-flow position and shorter DSO cycle thanks to e-invoicing.

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Tungsten and OB10 welcome three top level executives to the e-invoicing team

February 17th, 2014 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Tungsten Corporation, accelerator of global trade through its combination of acquired e-Invoicing network OB10 with spend analytics and supply chain financing, has announced the addition of three senior level executives to its team: Lincoln Jopp (COO), David Newberry (CMO) and John Hall (Head of Major Accounts).

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SAP Hybrid Cloud Proves Successful for Latin America E-Invoicing Compliance - Part 1 of 4

We welcome a series of blogpost from Steve Sprague, VP Product Strategy InvoiceWare.. There is a lot of discussion around cloud versus on premise. And there are a lot of definitions for a new trend –“The Hybrid Cloud”. Some analysts will say that it is a Platform as a Service play – meaning that you can distribute processing over multiple data centers.Steve Sprague discusses the rise of Hybrid Cloud solution offerings from vendors over purely on-premise or purely cloud offerings.

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Palette enhances European presence with new operation and key appointment

Palette is continuing its European expansion with the opening of a new subsidiary based in Espoo, Finland. With its web-based purchase-to-payment suite, PaletteArena, Palette has been the market leader in Scandinavia for many years. Palette Finland Oy has been established to grow the company’s sales and support operations across the country.

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