European Pharmaceutical Selects Top Image Systems for Purchase to Pay processing

February 18, 2014  |  E-procurement, Europe, Invoice Automation

Top Image Systems announced today that a leading European pharmaceutical company selected the eFLOW® platform for automation of its Purchase to Pay processes. Invoices, orders, contracts and proof of delivery notes from thousands of suppliers will be processed in eFLOW at two locations in Italy, while maintaining full integration with the company’s existing SAP and Microsoft SharePoint systems.

The company selected Top Image Systems largely because of the flexibility of the eFLOW platform to process various kinds of semi and unstructured documents and for its integration to multiple business systems. Previously, any invoice that was received by the company via email had to be printed out before processing. If an invoice document referred to more than one purchase order, it would have to be run through the system multiple times. With eFLOW, invoice processing is streamlined with immediate data recognition and validation; the company’s P2P processes are optimized, enabling a quick, safe and cost-effective document flow to and from their customers.

Yoss Perl, Director EMEA for Top Image Systems:

  • “We are very proud to have been selected by one of Italy’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. This customer had been processing a broad range of different types of orders, contracts and invoices manually, and they needed a platform to uniformly optimize and process every company document.
  • “In addition, they needed to ensure easy retrieval of all documents via the same system. The eFLOW® platform gives them the opportunity to do all of this and more. We are confident that this important win will promote Top Image Systems across the Italian pharmaceutical market.”

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