Make connections and data integration easier with any-to-any integration “as a service”

There are two obstacles for companies that want to exchange data with customers, suppliers or other business relationships: connecting and data integration. To take the hassle out of that, Liaison has announced a broad range of cloud services and on-premises applications within its Data Aware Cloud Services Brokerage Platform.

Integration platform

The platform acts as a seamless, on-demand, any-to-any integration platform. It provides a host of third-party interfaces and adapters both to popular software- and data-as-a-service (DaaS) offerings and to on-premises applications. This makes it easy for companies to connect with customers, partners, e-commerce vendors, carriers and payment gateways, and to CRM, HR and other systems critical to internal and external operations.

XML, ebXML, CSV, EDI, Cobol, SOAP, FTP, SMTP, AS2 and so on

Liaison supports a wide variety of simple formats, including XML, CSV, fixed-width files, Cobol copybooks, EDI and more, and supports standards built on ebXML, RosettaNet, OAGIS, X12, EDIFACT and others. Liaison also supports all communications standards, including SOAP, FTP, SMTP and AS2.

For a complete list of Liaison’s third-party interfaces and adapters for cloud services and on-premises applications, visit

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